From challenges to breakthroughs

At kommit, our Main Engineering Team (MET) uses their technical expertise to create innovative in-house innovation. Powered by research, advanced technologies, and a passion for excellence, we develop digital solutions.

Industry-focused Solutions

The MET conducts profound research to identify industry-specific opportunities and requirements. This allows us to offer digital solutions that range from entertainment to medical web 3.0 solutions.

Collaborative Open Source Approach

Our team is equipped with expertise gained from collaborating on open-source projects. This training enhances our kommitters talents to develop well-structured, future-ready solutions.

Expertise in Blockchain Solutions

Our solutions focus on using tools such as Stellar and Elixir to develop robust blockchain solutions. From creating our own cryptocurrency to digital certifications, we use the power of blockchain to revolutionize industries.

Podnation icon

Hassle-free podcast hosting and distribution - just how we like it!

Mitkoin icon

In-house developed crypto to keep team members motivated and engaged.

Chaincerts icon

Digital certifications to enhance trust between job seekers and recruiters.

Okdose icon

A solution to measure the drug dosage and treatment time of tropical diseases.

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