Empower the professional growth of kommiters

When a kommitter sends thanks or congrats to another, each kommitter receives 500 MTK.

Group 41

Professional growth rewards kommitters with mitkoins when they progress in their career.

About our Crypto

Minted at the Stellar network
An open source, decentralized protocol for digital currency which allows cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies.

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Each hour of engineering billed by kommit to a client adds $1 USDC to the total value of the mitkoin.


Total supply

As a deflationary token, the total supply is 2.000.000 (two million) mitkoins.



The mitkoins certification process requires the approval of at least 5 kommiters within the list of signatories.

Group 144

MTK → October 31, 2022 12:00 AM

Current price: $0.020(0.02002628)

Total Supply: 2,000,000

Market Cap: $40,052.57

Public Network Info
Group 147
What is mitkoin?

mitkoin (MTK) is kommit's internal crypto-currency created to introduce kommitters to the use and operation of crypto-assets and allow us to research, explore, and develop new products in the crypto world.